Whether a broken garage door leaves you stuck outside your home or it brings your business to a screeching halt, we’re the company to call for a speedy response. Front Range Raynor provides 24/7 emergency garage door repair services throughout Fort Collins and Northern Colorado — reach out to us if you have an issue with your garage door that requires immediate attention, and we’ll stop by your property as soon as possible. In the meantime, feel free to continue reading to learn more about our residential and commercial repairs.

Residential Garage Door Repairs

If you have a garage door that’s stuck overhead, then you have a hazard on your hands. Beyond that, garage door springs can prove to be dangerous (since they store energy that can turn a spring into a projectile). And you may be stuck with a garage door that won’t open when you need full access to your garage. When you find yourself in a dangerous or sticky situation, you can count on our repair experts to quickly address the issue at hand. If you do think your garage door is stuck in a dangerous position, be sure to stay well away from your garage door and to keep any other residents of your household at a safe distance — then give us a call. We can assess and fix emergency issues and complete garage failures right away.

  • Emergency Issues: Be wary of springs that may unwind, a door that is off its tracks, and doors that shut abruptly — all of which can prove to be harmful. Let us know about the issue at hand and we’ll be sure to address it safely.
  • Complete Garage Failure: If your garage door is stuck open then you may find it difficult to rest, knowing that your home isn’t secure at night. On the other hand, if you have a garage door that is stuck shut, then it may keep you from accessing your vehicle, which you’ll need to get to work day after day. If you have a pressing issue with your garage door, we’d be happy to repair it as soon as possible.